Full Car Valeting Service

Bristol, Gloucester & Surrounding Areas


Pre-Rinse of Entire Vehicle


Professional Grade Cleaning Fluids


Internal & External Cleaned

Sealants For Glass, Paintwork & Wheels

Stain Removal if Required


Dressings For Interior Plastic Surfaces


Pickup & Dropoff Available Upon Request

Call: 07531 360560 for booking & inquiries.

*Phone lines available 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, please email info@zbdetailing.co.uk outside of these hours.

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We utilise the very best detailing products in the industry from Sonax, CarPro, Gyeon.

Our Full Vehicle Valeting Service includes the following;

  • Pre rinse of entire vehicle.
  • Nonacidic alloy cleaner applied to alloy faces and inner barrels.
  • Citrus Degreaser applied to door jambs and inner arches.
  • Snow foam prewash applied and left to dwell, then rinsed.
  • Contact wash using PH neutral shampoo, then rinsed.
  • Iron fallout remover applied and left to dwell.
  • Tar remover applied and agitated as needed.
  • Clay media with lubricant to remove any remaining contaminants.
  • Vehicle dried with ultra-soft microfibre towels.
  • Sealant applied to glass, paintwork and wheels.
  • Tyres dressed with a resin-based dressing.
  • All interior fully vacuumed.
  • Stains removed using a fabric shampoo and steamer when/if required*
  • Dressing of interior plastic surfaces
  • Interior glass cleaned.

*Heavily soiled stain, bodily fluids and pet hair removal will incur extra charges, subject to inspection.

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Our full car valeting prices start from as little as £150 and prices are determined by the size of the vehicle and its condition. Our full car valeting service takes approximately four hours or so.

About Our Full Car Valeting Service.

When it comes to getting your car spick and span, both on the inside and the outside then our full valeting service is the way to go. Our team spends more time, meticulously focussing on removing all types of dirt, detritus and debris as well as contaminants such as tar spots, tree sap and iron fallout embedding into the exterior of your vehicle to restore your paintwork to its former glory and sheen. This intensive cleaning process provides a clean bare surface for the protection to have the best possible bond to ensure that your vehicle stays cleaner for longer.

A service that provides a thorough deep clean of the exterior and interior. With more time spent on your vehicle this service is aimed at removing dirt, grime and contaminants such as tar spots, tree sap and iron fallout embedded into the exterior of your vehicle to restore paintwork to a glass like finish. This thorough deep clean of your vehicle leaves a clean bare surface for protection to have the best possible bond keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer, as well as a better protection against the elements.

prices subject to size & vehicle condition. Duration approx. 4 hours.

Why opt for a Full Car Valeting Service.

Nothing compares to that ‘Out of the Showroom’ look, smell and feel of your vehicle, we are experienced in bringing your car back to its brand-new look and our detailed and intensive cleaning of both the outside and inside of the car delivers that. It also ensures that your vehicle is protected against the elements, reduces any wear and tear and therefore helps towards retaining the value of your vehicle, which is one of your biggest investments outside of your home, so it makes sense to take care of it and that’s exactly what our full car valeting service does.

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