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Full Multi Stage Correction From £350


Full Vehicle Valet With Professional Cleaners


Polishing of Painted Surfaces to Remove Defects


Polish All Heavy Cut Surfaces With Anti-Hologram Polish


IPA Wipe Down to Remove Oils


Multiple Protection Options


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We utilise the very best detailing products in the industry from Sonax, CarPro, Gyeon.

Our Multi Stage Correction Service Includes;

  • Pre rinse of your entire vehicle.
  • Nonacidic alloy cleaner applied to alloy faces and inner barrels.
  • Citrus degreaser applied to door jambs and inner arches.
  • Snow foam prewash applied and left to dwell, then rinsed.
  • Contact wash using PH neutral shampoo, then rinsed.
  • Iron fallout remover applied and left to dwell.
  • Tar remover applied and agitated as needed.
  • Clay media with lubricant to remove any remaining contaminants.
  • Vehicle fully dried ready for polishing.
  • Polishing of all painted surfaces with heavy cut to remove defects.
  • Polishing all heavy cut surfaces with anti-hologram polish.
  • IPA wipe down to remove oils prior to adding protection.
  • Multiple protection options available enquire for more information.

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Multi Stage Correction Service.

Unlike a single stage correction which primarily focusses on removing imperfections as well as any surface defects our multi stage correction involves a series of progressive polishing steps to achieve a finish that is unappareled giving your vehicle a sheen and finish that looks like its just come off the production line. As a more in-depth service, extra time and attention is spent carrying out multiple polishing processes, to guarantee the absolute best finish you can expect without compromising the clear coat of your vehicle paint. Our multi stage correction service aims to remove 90-95% of your vehicles defects and restore a show car finish.


prices subject to size & vehicle condition. Duration approx. 1 day.

Why Choose Our Multi Stage Correction Service?

If you are looking for the very best of finishes to your pride and joy then our multi stage correction service is the one for you. As well as bringing it to a show car finish, it will also provide that added protection, keeping it looking spectacular for longer.

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