Single Stage Machine Polishing.

All vehicles throughout their use pick up light scratches and inevitable swirls and stains over time. This can arise from unsafe washing techniques, improper use of chemicals, and even down to adverse weather conditions. This wear and tear can take its toll on the look of your vehicle, making it look aged before its time. A single stage paint enhancement is aimed at removing 60-70% of these defects and imperfections whilst restoring gloss, reflection, clarity and depth of colour to your vehicle and to its former glory. To complete the procedure a spray ceramic coating is then applied to further maintain your vehicles new glass like finish, and to provide a longer-lasting protection.


£250.00 ex vat

prices subject to size & vehicle condition. Duration approx. 1 day.

What Our Single Stage Machine Polishing Service Includes;

  • Pre rinse of entire vehicle.
  • Nonacidic alloy cleaner applied to alloy faces and inner barrels.
  • Citrus degreaser applied to door jambs and inner arches.
  • Snow foam prewash applied and left to dwell, then rinsed.
  • Contact wash using PH neutral shampoo, then rinsed.
  • Iron fallout remover applied and left to dwell.
  • Tar remover applied and agitated as needed.
  • Clay media with lubricant to remove any remaining contaminants.
  • Vehicle fully dried ready for polishing.
  • Polishing of all painted surfaces.
  • IPA wipe down to remove oils prior to adding protection.

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Our prices start from just £250 dependent on the size and condition of your vehicle, we also provide a range of protection products which can be opted for at the time of booking. Our single stage machine polishing service is usually completed in one day. Enquire now to find out more.

Why Choose Our Single Stage Machine Polishing Service?

Everyday wear and tear take its toll on your vehicle, our single stage machine polishing service brings it back into a more pristine condition, not only restoring its glass like finish but also protecting it from further imperfections, light scratches and swirls. This also goes towards retaining the value of your vehicle, which outside of your home is usually one of your biggest investments.

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